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one of us has to do well,
and i'm pretty sure you pulled the good straw.
so do me a favor and stop being so unhappy.
i know i've been more gum than gear here,
but i think my intentions were generally good,
from start to finish;
the point being that even if i don't get a
medal or a parade, the least i should get is the
consolation that you like this life you're living.
is that really so unreasonable?
here you are, with the resourcefulness of the borrowers,
the cunning of nancy drew, and the adorable, disarming nature
of the mouse on the motorcycle.

so stop being so series of unfortunate events and start being
WAY more narnia. except the dark bits with aslan,
maybe Dr. seuss is the one i'm aiming for?
i definitely do NOT want you to try LSD.

what i mean to say is that you don't need to spend any time at all
hung up on some teenage boy. teenage boys are like guitar strings;
some may sound sweet, and some may last a long time, but it's the song
you play that counts and you really can't get in a twist just because
you break one.
that metaphor makes it sound like you can't play music without a boyfriend.
it also makes it sound like it's your fault when one breaks.

forget i said anything, what i should be telling you is that i just got done watching
'saving private ryan' and it occurs to me that you've never had to land on normandy under german machinegun fire, so it really can't be all that bad! i know you put on a brave face, but you should be putting on a brave EVERYTHING, because you are more than equal to the task of kicking life where it hurts, and trust me, life has it coming.

it's like one of those old time movies, like the thin man. did you ever see the thin man?
it's from '41, it's got myrna loy and william powell? they get really drunk and solve a murder because they're extravagantly rich and married. the point i'm making with the thin man is that i look really good in vintage suits, but as we both know, i'm a total asshole.
it's deceptive. so's life- it might have you convinced that it's winning, but in reality, it's just putting bugs in your hair on a playground- it can't really hurt you. unless you are kidnapped or hit by a bus or forced to liberate europe from a tyrant. which brings me back to the whole saving private ryan thing- something a lot of non-history tyupes don't know is that not everybody got the privilege of landing on the beach in a boat while they get shot at- there were people in the war called 'airborne' who volunteered to get out of bed extra early and jump out of planes before any of their friends could show up to help them out. these people are show-offs primarily, but they also demonstrate my next point of advice, so please do do me the favor of reading this far because i'm going to momentarily abandon similies for the next bit;

do it the hard way. even if there doesn't appear to be any extra reward, even if no one is watching, even if you're not sure you can do it or if you're sure you can't. do it one-hundred-percent. do it absolutely, completely step-by-step HARD. people may judge you for not doing it as well and you'll get tired for sure, but no one will ever say that you did anything less than ur best.

you may find yourself in a position where a simple mistake means you have to choose between showing up for a beating or running away from it, but if you look that court date in the eye, than no matter what, you'll know you gave it your best shot.

anyway, i know that middle school seems tough, and no lie, highschool is gonna be harder, but we both know that you can handle it, even if you don't want to. if you keep that lip stiff, and do your act 100%, you'll make yourself proud, and it won't matter what the rest of us think.

stay safe (you promised)
your uncle
well, more simile than metaphor, i think. don't remember.

to a sort of family friend who's going through some rough times. i thought i'd upload it because it mentions the thin man,
which is among my favorite series of films.

*edited by deviantesse94*
deviantesse94 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Just one tiny mistake though:
"anything less than you're best."
I'm pretty sure you know how to fix it :D

Favourite metaphor:
"so stop being so series of unfortunate events and start being
WAY more narnia. except the dark bits with aslan,
maybe Dr. seuss is the one i'm aiming for?
i definitely do NOT want you to try LSD."

i might quote you
VictoryCoffee Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011  Student Writer
it was like midnight, typos happen. out of sheer bullheadedness, i'm gonna make it worse. ;p
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